In my shop I sell photo collections which represent the best out of the very large library of photographs I’ve taken over the years, both in Egypt and in museums all over the world which have Egyptology collections. All the pictures have been taken with professional camera equipment and individually processed so they appear to their best advantage. Before you visit the shop, though, I need to make you aware of a few things!

All pictures are supplied as high-quality JPEG images which can be viewed on any type of computer, using any image viewer you wish. Each picture will be at least 1920 pixels along its long edge, so is large enough for a high-resolution screen, or to print at A3 size with good results.

These are all copyrighted pictures, and are sold for your personal, non-commercial use. You are welcome to use them in any way you wish (including in lectures), but please don’t give copies of them to anyone else, post them on Social Media, or upload them anywhere. If you’d like to use one of my pictures commercially, such as in a book or magazine article, or on your website, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to give you a price for the proposed usage.

The prices shown in the shop are for the pictures themselves. There is an additional fixed cost of £3 per order included in the price of shipping to pay for the memory stick on which the pictures are supplied. This is cost price – I make no profit from it. This is £3 per order, not per picture collection, so you’ll save money if you buy two or more collections in a single order. It’s a good-quality memory stick that you can re-use yourself.

For customers in the UK, the package will be sent using Royal Mail’s “First Class Signed-for” service for next-day delivery; outside the UK the package will be sent by standard international mail. Delivery should take a few days to European destinations, but may take up to two weeks to reach other parts of the world.

Finally, please make a backup copy of the pictures when you receive them. USB memory sticks are a great way of transporting files, but aren’t good as a long-term storage medium. I’ll obviously replace any faulty memory sticks if any pictures can’t be viewed when you receive them, but after that it’s your responsibility to keep your pictures safe by backing them up!