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This is the largest picture collection I currently offer: a total of 5110 photographs showing every Egyptian object currently (as of early 2019) on public display in the British Museum. This represents ten full days’ photography at the museum. You may think that you know the British Museum well, but I guarantee that you’ll find objects in this collection that will surprise and delight you. Most people who visit the museum visit the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery on the ground floor, then walk through the mummy rooms on the second floor, but have you ever stopped and had a really close look at all the objects in the wall cases in those rooms? It’s understandable if you haven’t – it’s generally so impossibly crowded that it’s not a place you want to stay long. This collection gives you the chance to closely examine every single object in those displays, and is a “must” for every Egyptophile.



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The collection is divided up according to the arrangement of rooms in the museum, and consists of the following:

  • Room 1: Library (80 pictures)
  • Room 4: Egyptian Sculpture Gallery (784 pictures)
  • Room 61: Egyptian Life and Death (190 pictures)
  • Room 62: Egyptian Death and Afterlife (573 pictures)
  • Room 63: Egyptian Funerary Archaeology (1029 pictures)
  • Room 64: Early Egypt (1054 pictures)
  • Room 65: Sudan, Egypt & Nubia (1221 pictures)
  • Room 66: Ethiopia and Coptic Egypt (179 pictures)




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